About Us

DJ's On-Site Computer Repairs was founded in Feb. 2003 to work with Home Office & Small Business clients management, troubleshooting & repair of PC's, Laptops & Servers.  We have worked within the corporate world of Dow Chemical, MCI, Auto Owners Insurance & UNIPAC.  We took this expertise and specialize in leveraging corporate level software, services and support for the small business.


Small Businesses have the same need for comprehensive support to utlitize all of their computerized devices in the marketplace, with services to the maximize the technical potential.  Small Businesses typically don't have budgets for a full time in house IT Technician, let alone an IT Admin, yet they have the need for technology integration to compete in their respective industries.


Much has changed since 2003, and as technology has changed we continue to embrace and grow with this ever expanding industry offering comprehensive support to our clients, adding Managed Services & Monitoring, On-Line Backup & Virtual CIO services.


­Please check out our IT Services page for a full list of all the services we provide.