Electronic Recycling

Recycling our electronic equipment is necessary for so many reasons, let alone keeping the toxic parts out of our landfills, please take the time to do so.


Many manufacturers give you the option to send in your old equipment when you purchase new systems, ask the sales person or look for it when customizing your order.


Local Recycling events!  Many citys host recycling days, it can be a chore to store all of your electronic waste, but watch for announcements via TV, social meida or newspaper.


Your local shop may offer the service, there may be fees involved, usually for Hard Drive destruction and CRT/TV recycling.

Recycling in Denver

Middleman Marketing will come to you and pick up your electronic waste.


Computers, monitors, laptops, DVR/Security, Flat screen TV's (NO CRT/Tube), if it is electronic, 99% chance they will take it.  If you need hard drives destroyed, notate which ones.


Damon Williams

(410) 570-3999

Blue Star Recyclers has opened a new facility in Denver, and also have a facility in CO Springs.  They employee autistic and with disAbilities providing a tramendous service to the community and families.


953 Decatur Street, Suite C
Denver, CO 80204

(303) 534.1667­